It’s been said that people judge you by the words you use, and this is true. Some of my readers may not agree with this statement, however, if you do, then you understand the importance of choosing your words with prudence.

Words have power!

Words shape our worlds!

Words shape our behaviors!

The words we use every day shape our realities, whether we realize it or not. The words we use to express ourselves can make a powerful impression on the lives of people around us, whether they occur in a polite conversation at Starbucks, or a more spiritual exchange while you’re ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Words have the power to impel nations to war, peace, and alliances. The fact of the matter is, the words we choose can do the same for us in relationships. Our words can create war, peace, and forge lifelong alliances.  The impact of what we say, and how it is delivered, can literally have eternal repercussions.

Growing up in the Thompson household as a child, we were greatly encouraged to regard our words carefully and avoid one word in particular at all costs.

Do you know what that word is?


If I, or one of my siblings, ever said “can’t”, we were quickly rebuffed with, “Can’t isn’t in the Thompson dictionary.”

How often do we utter the words “I can’t?”

• I can’t be a missionary.
• I can’t be a business owner.
• I can’t be a teacher.
• I can’t be an author.
• I can’t be a straight ‘A’ student.
• I can’t lose weight.
• I can’t forgive.
• I can’t move forward.
• I can’t give.
• I can’t love again.
• I can’t reconcile.
• I can’t repent.

The list goes on and on!

This word has become so common and accepted that we have completely missed the major problem with such a declaration. When we declare that we are not able – we are. In essence, declaring that the Mighty God who empowers us is also not able.

Do you realize once you make such a declaration, you are correct? If you SAY you can’t do it –  you are correct!

Today, I encourage you to stop limiting yourself. More importantly, stop limiting God!

You can, because He can! God is able!

Because God is able, we are able!

Today, throw the “can’t” out of your vocabulary and begin to replace it with the truth and promises of the matchless, undefeated Word of God!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13 NKJV)