Two Church Finance Tactics To Help Grow Your Church

Two Church Finance Tactics To Help Grow Your Church

“Money, money, money, money… monnneeeeeeeey.
Some people got to have it.
Some people really need it.”

The O’Jays were right: Money is a big deal.

Scripture declares that money answers all things. We are admonished to be good stewards of many things; our time, energy, bodies, and relationships – as well as our money. This includes the financial resources God has given us in our local churches.

In order for us invest the resources of our local churches in the right places and advance the Kingdom vision, we need to develop a strategic plan. A plan that is simple, effective, and workable is critically important. You may disagree with me concerning the allocation of where you would invest your financial resources, and that’s okay. I am sure that you and your team will do what is best in your specific local context, however, one fundamental that we can all agree upon is the plan. As the old adage goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Here are two recommended ways to tailor your strategic financial plan.

Leadership development. The most valuable resource in every organization is people. This is especially true in churches. If this is true, then our greatest leadership investment should be in our people. Great churches put people first.

Children and teenagers. The children and teenagers of today are not only our future, but they are also our today. Your parents will respond with great enthusiasm when you generously sow into the lives of their children. By purposefully investing into the present and the future of this demographic, you will articulate the high value your church places upon their present and their potential. Not to mention, if people are your most important resource, who better to invest in then your children and teenagers?

What are your thoughts?!? What are the investment priorities of your local assembly? If I had to list a third, it would be music. Perhaps I will add that to this journal entry at a later a point in time and explain my reasoning. Until then, let’s go beyond reason! #GoBeyondReason