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When I contemplate the things of this life, I quickly I understand there are many things I do not know. As a matter of fact, there are many more things I know only very little about. When I consider the world around me and get a glimpse of the hundreds, if not thousands of subjects about which I know either hardly anything or nothing at all, I’m being transparent, my lack of knowledge is evident. But among the handful of things, I know fairly well – and continue to learn more about on a daily basis – being a pastor/church leader is one of my favourite and most challenging subjects. Real talk, I love it, being a pastor.

My name means one who uses reason. I have discovered that I am better when I go beyond myself, exposing myself to other paradigms, cultures, and people. These experiences have developed Go Beyond Reason.

As of the launch of this journal, I have been a pastor for almost twenty years. After a successful thirteen-year tenure in corporate banking, I decided to pursue my God-given call into full-time ministry. Thankfully, I’ve experienced years of rewarding and fruitful pastoral ministry in Richmond, VA, Austin, TX, Clearwater, FL, and most recently responded to the God-call to serve as Senior Pastor in Mississauga (Toronto), Ontario.

In short, what I’m trying to say is, I’ve had plenty of time to make lots of mistakes and, hopefully, learn from them. Yep, this journey has been nothing short of magnificent.

The following journal will consist of a few things I’d like to share with all of you who feel like I might be able to add some value in some respect. You’re a pastor or church leader. . . Not all-knowing, certainly not perfect, but you’re still a pastor or church leader. My hope is that you will discover a few things you did not know as well as learn how to do a few things better than you’re already doing.

I hope that you’re encouraged by this journal!

Go beyond!

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