My journey into full-time ministry was anything but strategically planned, at least by my hands. However, in hindsight (which always provides greater clarity) I can clearly see the providential hand of God carefully directing each step.

The last 8 (almost 9) years have been some of the most rewarding, challenging, and revealing years of my life. I recently crossed paths with a ministerial acquaintance and as we caught up on the happenings of our lives, he said something that has left an indelible impression upon me. He said, “Akil, ministry is brutiful.” It took me a brief moment to discern that he didn’t stumble over his words, rather he knew full well what he was saying.

You know what?!? Vocational ministry is brutiful and I absolutely love being a part of this life changing process. It has its moments of beauty and brutality, many of which you can experience in a matter of a few hours, depending upon how life unfolds in your local context. As a matter of fact, I intend to write about the brutalities of ministry in the near future, however, that’s for another journal entry. #StayTuned

There is no place I’d rather be than immersed in the work of the Lord! My family and I are passionate about the Kingdom of God!

In spite of being borderline workaholics for the Lord, we are strongly committed to unity, peace and joy in our relationships, our marriage, and with our children. Family first – forever!

We believe the fulfilled life really is all wrapped up in loving God, living by His word, loving people, and living a character-driven life; remembering that God is sovereign and his agenda is always better than ours!”

I think the #1 reason for loving your work, no matter where that work takes place, whether paid work or unpaid work, is centered on the “why” behind the work. Even when I was bi-vocational and had a corporate banking career, I found both to very fulfilling and rewarding.

I wanted to take a moment and share a number of things that I love about this journey! So, without further adieu… What do I love about ministry? Let me count the ways! Obviously, the list goes on and on, however, these were the first things that quickly came to mind.  😉

1. Working vocationally for Jesus is a gift I treasure daily. With that being said, we all have varying callings, purposes, etc. Regardless of your vocation, Jesus is your employer and all of work is worship unto Him. #TreasureTheOpportunityHeHasgivenYou

2. People. I love the people I work with (locally and nationally) and the people I serve in our local church community. Every now again, I have the opportunity to travel and meet new people. This is the icing on the cake.

3. Witnessing Revival. To experience first hand what God is doing around the world is one of the most inspiring and formative experiences for me personally to date. There’s nothing more stretching than to see God move outside of my cultural familiarity.

4. Family. I am able to engage my family in almost every aspect of my work life. Yes, this is a challenge, because the lines can become blurred, however, it has been flat out awesome to watch them develop a heart for His kingdom in a variety of ways.

5. The challenge to grow.

6. The opportunity to learn.  I’ve learned that I must turn my failures into insightful and productive learning experiences.

7. The opportunity to create.

8. The opportunity to collaborate. Teamwork really does make the dream work.

9. Serving on a leadership team.

10. Change. No one likes change. We all like routine. Yet, change is inevitable. Nothing remains static. Growth and progress necessitate change.

11. New interns. The spice of life!

12. We take time to pray at work.

13. The opportunity to exercise my gifts and strengths.

14. Accountability. Having strong leaders that I am accountable to, who invest in me spiritually, and develop me as a leader.

15. Pursuing unity with others “… for there the Lord commands the blessing…”

16. Game-changing partnerships. 

17. The Bible is my roadmap to EVERY destination. 

18. Being accessible to others. 

19. The God surprises. Never a dull moment.

20. Changing the world, one person at a time! 

… And so many more reasons!

What is it that YOU love about what you do? What is the “why” behind what you do day in and day out? I look forward to hearing from you. #GoBeyondReason