As I’ve contemplated the journey of being an employee in a plethora of secular and/or sacred environments, I’ve realized there were a number of principles I embrace that have guided me through a process of not only becoming hire-able, but have lifted Him higher in very practical ways.

Here are a number of things that I would encourage you to consider on your journey to becoming not only an awesome employee, but one that lifts Him up.

11 Quick Tips (But Very Effective) To Be An Awesome Employee

1. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Remember, God is your employer and you honor Him by recognizing that all you do is unto Him. If you keep Him first, by allowing all of life to become worship (yes, that includes your career), then you will see supernatural things happen.

2. Maintain and protect your character. The writer of Proverbs said, “A good name is to be desired more than great riches.”

3. Be passionate about learning.
– Be a lifelong learner. Whatever you do, please keep your curiosity alive.
– Learn from others. When you’re hanging with others, do more listening than talking. Remember, everything that comes out of your mouth, you already know.
– What books have you recently read? Readers are leaders!  It sounds cliche, however, it is true. Readers are constantly learning, thus evolving and adapting. This is paramount in today’s competitive workforce. More than likely, the job you are in now will look very different a couple of years down the road. Leaders are interested in recruiting talented people who can grow with the ever-evolving demands of their job and bring fresh ideas that’ll add value to the organization. There are few things that will grow you and spark creativity like reading. For some cool reads, check out some suggested reading here 40 Great Books To Read.

4. Go beyond what’s required. There are no traffic jams when you go the second mile. Why? While most employees will do what is expected, very few are willing to travel consistently into the realm of sacrifice. Trust me, people are watching, even when you think no one is watching.

5. Refuse to embrace or tolerate vague goals. 
If you don’t clearly understand the goal, how will you be able to achieve it? Ambiguous or unclear goals, produce results that are unclear. Define the win and define it clearly! This is a must for any project or endeavor to be successful. When embarking upon a project, before you set your goals, ask yourself: “What does success look like?” Now. Go for it!

6. It’s not about you, it’s about the team, therefore, think we, not me. Navigating through the complexities that Fortune 500 companies, small startups, non-profits, and governments are facing is challenging. One of the most effective ways to navigate through the challenges your organization is facing is collaboration. More than ever, businesses of any size are intentionally deconstructing silos; and facilitating project management, collaboration, brainstorming sessions, and recreational time together to facilitate some of the best ideas. In a world of ‘me’ first, you will find that you will thrive when you are able to focus on others, first. So, make a note of these things.
– Learn how to work incredibly well with others.
– Partner with others. Synergy is a powerful force.  A single horse could pull a heavy load, but when yoked with another horse, together, they could pull much more than the sum of the amount that each horse could pull alone. Pull with the rest of your team, as opposed to trying to do it all yourself.
– Get involved in the community by serving others.

7. Be a 10! What are your strengths? Forget about working on your weaknesses and work on improving your strengths. If you are a really good communicator, become a great communicator. If you are a horrible organizer, PLEASE do not work tirelessly to become an average organizer. No one is interested in hiring mediocrity.

8. Be on time… Better yet, be early. I had to learn this the hard way. Thankfully, my former pastor (Senior Pastor of Life Church, Buddy Thompson) loved me enough as a young adult to communicate to me that my habitual tardiness was not only undermining my credibility, but it was very self-centered. Do you know what being early communicates? It communicates that you want to be there!

9. Accountability. Don’t shy away from accountability. As a matter of fact, embrace it! Take ownership of your projects or tasks, as well as responsibility when you drop the ball. Yes, there will be moments when it is uncomfortable to acknowledge that you missed it, however, you will earn the respect of your peers and leadership when you hold yourself accountable.

10. Be a servant to the vision. When you work to make someone else’s vision come to pass, you will find that you will reap the seeds of such efforts when you are in pursuit of your own vision.

11. Watch what you post on social media. Nuff said!

There are a number of things that are not on this list, however, I felt like these were some must haves for me. What other competencies, skill sets, or values do you feel are important to becoming a hire-able and an employee that brings glory to Jesus? Share your thoughts! #GoBeyondReason